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Check the Main Shaft of the CNC Machining Center

Time:2023/5/20Posted:ShenZhen Pactoo Technology Co,.LTD
Select low, medium, high three gear speed. The spindle of the CNC machining center continuously 5 positive inversion starts, and then stops the operation, and verifies the flexibility and reliability of its operation. At the same time, check whether the power display on the load table meets the requirements.

2, you can manually output input, so that the spindle of the CNC machining center is gradually improved by low speed to the highest speed allowed. Check that the speed is normal, generally allows the error to be more than 10%. While checking the spindle speed. Observe the noise, vibration, temperature rise in the spindle, and the spindle is 15 c.

3. In order to check the flexibility and reliability of the spindle operation of the CNC machining center, the spindle can be stopped, and more than 5 times continuously.
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